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If your business works with any kind of form that employees, engineers or clients need to fill out, an editable PDF format is definitely the way to go. A stylish, branded PDF form not only facilitates and transforms the workflow – it also makes your company look professional and efficient. Clients can easily download, fill in, print or return the completed form to you via email. Job done.

Interactive PDF forms also retain their format when viewed on different computers using different software. We’ve all experienced how the layout of a Word document can easily go to pieces when software can’t maintain the formatting – this doesn’t happen with a PDF. The document layout is preserved on every device and will be viewable and usable by anyone who has a PDF reader – and that’s just about everyone.

Interactive PDFs have many other advantages. They are environmentally friendly and reduce printing costs. They are easy to archive and can be secured with password protection. Recipients cannot amend the content as they can with Word documents – they can only complete the fields. They can include hyperlinks, dropdown lists, radio buttons and other dynamic features.

PDF files have become the standard of document viewing and branded interactive PDFs are definitely the way to go when it comes to documentation that needs completing by a third party.

Adobe Reader is the most popular PDF software programme. If you haven’t already got it, you can download it here for free from the Adobe website.